Terms & Conditions

“SHOP.SAVE.WIN A CAR & MANY MORE” Raffle Draw  CompuGhana


CompuGhana is proud to announce to its cherished customers its latest massive promo for the season.

Shop at any CompuGhana store nationwide and enter the “SHOP.SAVE.WIN A CAR & MANY MORE” Raffle Draw. Enter the draw to stand a chance of winning a brand-new Suzuki Alto, and electronic gadgets.

Everyone has a chance to be a Winner!


How it works:

CompuGhana Cashback promotion is an end-of-year sales promotion scheduled to run for 3 months, from 10th October 2022 to midnight on the 21st December 2022. The raffle draw will be held on 23rd December. All customers who purchase from CompuGhana within this period stand a chance to win a car and gift prizes.

To enter the draw and be a lucky winner:

  • Shop at any of the 16 CompuGhana stores nationwide with a minimum purchase value of GHc1000
  • You can enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of being a winner.
  • All qualified shoppers must fill out a promotional raffle coupon at any of the showrooms they purchase from in order to participate in the draw.
  • Shoppers must keep a copy of their coupon and present it for confirmation of the prize.
  • All coupons collated will be added together on the day of the raffle and winners will be announced on live coverage via social media or other media platforms.
  • All winners must have their names, contact number, and invoice number on the coupon to be eligible to receive the prize


Terms and Conditions:



All persons (“Participants”) entering the CompuGhana Shop.Save.Win a Car & Many More promotion (“Promotion”) agree that the Promotional rules as set out in these Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”), shall apply and are binding on them.

CompuGhana is referred to as the “Promoters” in respect of the Promotion for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.

The following individuals are not eligible to participate in this Promotion:

  1. Directors, members, partners, promotional and advertising agents, merchandisers, employees, or consultants associated with the Promoters.
  2. People who are not legal residents and/or legal citizens of Ghana
  3. Spouse, life partner, parent, child, brother, sister, business partner, or associate of any of the persons specified above
  4. Persons under the age of 18

This Promotion commences on 10th October 2022 and shall run until midnight on 21st December 2022 (“Campaign Period”), subject always to any early termination or extension thereof by the Promoters as contemplated in these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions override any advertising collateral or material in the event of any conflict.



The Promotion will include a draw on the 23rd of December and it will include a Suzuki Alto 800, and electronic gadgets (total value of GHc 130,000). Details illustrating the mechanics of the draw are stated under the “How it works” section.


General Terms

  1. All entrants who participate in the competition and successfully comply with the Terms and Conditions have the opportunity of winning prizes.
  2. The winners will be selected by random draw and announced at a ceremony on 23rd December. Winners will be notified through a call to confirm their entry name and contact details. The winners will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange delivery of the prize. If the winner cannot be contacted during this period, the prize will be deemed to have been forfeited by him/her.
  3. Winner must present a valid form of ID (Ghana Card or Passport) to claim their prize.
  4. The winner has to be a Ghanaian citizen or a legal resident of Ghana.
  5. The promoters have covered the full cost of the vehicles.
  6. licensing and registration will be transferred over to the winner.
  7. The prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for a different color or model. The actual prize may differ from the details shown anywhere during the competition. Graphic depictions of the prize may not match the final delivered prize and are only for indicative purposes.
  8. The winner agrees to allow CompuGhana to brand the vehicle with promotional collateral for a minimum of 12 months after taking ownership of the vehicle.
  9. The winner must arrange their own transportation, at their own cost, to the Grand Prize Draw for the handover. The promoters are in no way responsible for the winner’s travel costs.
  10. The Promoters are in no way responsible for any risks or damages that may occur once the prize has been handed over.
  11. The promoters are not responsible for wear and tear on the vehicle, out-of-warranty repairs, or the cost of fuel. Any damage, wear, and tear, or mechanical faults which are not covered by the insurance or maintenance plan, and the related costs thereof, occurring after the handover of the vehicle will be the sole responsibility of the winner.
  12. The promoters are not liable for any manufacturing faults, recalls, damage, or loss of, or to, the vehicle after the initial handover to the winner.
  13. The promoter’s decision is final when determining the winner of the draw.
  14. CompuGhana may require the winner to complete and submit an information disclosure agreement to enable CompuGhana to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions. Should the winner be found not to have complied with these Terms and Conditions, he/she will automatically be disqualified, and the prize will be forfeited. Winners may also be required to sign acceptance of prizes and indemnity documents.
  15. By entering this competition, you authorize the Promoters, to collect, store and use (not share) personal information of entrants for communication or statistical purposes.


  1. The winner(s) may be required to take part in publicity campaigns for broadcast or publishing purposes. Winner(s) that part take in any publicity will not be entitled to any payment or other remuneration for such publicity or otherwise. All publicity and other materials will be the sole property of the promoters.
  2. The promoters reserve the right to cancel or postpone the competition at any time.
  3. The Promoters will continuously monitor any irregular behavior, whether it be in entries and/or Participant’s details. Consequently, any violation or attempt and/or suspicion of violation or irregular behavior and/or non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions will result in immediate disqualification of the Participant.
  4. The Participant acknowledges that he/she has been given an appropriate opportunity to first read these Terms and Conditions and that he/she understands and accepts these Terms and Conditions.
  5. All Participants participate entirely at their own risk. By reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Participant gives consent to these risks and hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the Promoters, their directors, employees, and agents of any and all liability pertaining to any damage, cost, injuries, and losses of whatever nature sustained as a result of their participation in the Promotion and related events and activities, save where such damage, cost, injuries or losses are sustained as a result of gross negligence or willful misconduct of any of the Promoters.
  6. The Promoters, their directors, employees, agents and distributors accept no responsibility and they will not, in any circumstances, be liable to compensate the Participant or accept any liability for (a) any inability by the Participant to use the Reward in part or at all; (b) the lack of quality or any other aspect of any service which is or should be provided at any venue(s) in relation to the Reward; or (c) any personal loss or injury occurring at any venue(s) arising, directly or indirectly, out of the use of the Reward.
  7. The Promoters, their directors, employees, agents, and distributors, are not responsible for any representation (whether written or verbal) in respect of any Reward nor in respect of any warranties or undertakings given by any person other than the Promoters themselves.
  8. The Promoters reserve the right to terminate or extend the Promotion at any time. In the event of such termination or extension, all Participants agree to waive (give up) any rights that they may have in terms of the Promotion and acknowledge that they will have no recourse against the Promoters, its advertising agencies, advisors, suppliers, and nominated agents.



  1. To participate in this competition, entrants must purchase items at a CompuGhana store nationwide with a minimum purchase amount of GHc1000.
  2. Winners are determined by a random draw in collaboration with the National Lottery Authority
  3. Participants may enter the competition as many times as they wish over the promotional period if participants qualified as per the entry terms.
  4. Participants must have a valid form of ID either the Ghana Card or Passport
  5. CompuGhana reserves the right to disqualify participants who don’t meet the requirements without informing the participant.



In case of any conflict between the promoters and the winner, the issue must be referred to the National Lottery Authority to decide between the two parties.