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IT, Electronics and Mobile phone repairs




Our Service Center is managed by engineers and IT experts. With the latest in state of the art equipment and highly specialized technicians, we are consistently at the top of our game as industry leaders. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of work.

 We specialize in all repairs of various categories including:

 TV, Laptops, Desktop, DVD players, UPS, IT Gadgets, Mobile Phones, etc.                        

  • Water damaged / liquid ingress electronics
  • Computer and Laptop repairs
  • Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Mac, iMac, etc.)
  • Handheld Tablet devices
  • TV repairs (LCD, Plasma, LED)
  • Mobile Phones
  • All Smart phones repairs
  • Printers and Photo copiers
  • High level board work
  • Software upgrades and unlocking
  • Lcd & touch screen replacements
  • Microphone & speaker faults
  • System connectors
  • Housing Replacement


Specializes in the non-warranty repair of electronics & mobile phones.

We are pioneers of the technological industry by being the first company to:

  • Provide free quotes
  • Fix water damaged handsets
  • Offer 24 / 48 hour turnaround time on quotes & repairs


 We have dedicated a specialized automated system, that you can create a ticket, and track your repair job instantly, be informed about the status of your ticket, and get notified by email.

Please visit or send us an email to [email protected]

We can repair all makes and models of IT, Electronics, Mobile Phones and Handheld Tablet devices. All of our repairs are carried out on site, including services such as software support, hardware specialists and written quotes.

If it is difficult to get to Compu-Ghana Service Centre, you’re welcome to send the item to any of our branches around Ghana and we’ll be happy to courier it.




For any additional information about our services, please don’t hesitate to call ……